• General Terms & Conditions for Purple Clover Kennels
  • What to expect
  • Proper Nutrition for Feeding your Puppy
  • How to Train a Puppy
  • Puppy Grooming for Beginners

General Terms & Conditions for Purple Clover Kennels

• Our puppies will be ready for pickup at our location (or shipping if arranged for in advance and with proper planning).
• Reservation deposits can be made in advance via PayPal, check or cash.

• Checks mailed date-of-receipt is based upon postmark not check date.

• Pick of the litter and gender preference is based upon receipt of deposit.

• Puppy gender preference is picked at the time of deposit. The gender cannot be guaranteed, but we will give you the option within the first week of birth to receive a refund or accept what gender we have available. The options to change gender at a later date is possible if remaining unreserved puppies are available.

• Once all puppies are reserved gender changes are very difficult to make but,  I will work with families who may not have had  a preference to accommodate all.

• Deposits are refundable, however, after six weeks of life,  deposits will only be refunded once a new buyer places a  deposit is on the foregone puppy.

• Notification of priority number is given upon receipt of deposit.

• Puppies are guaranteed against life-threatening genetic anomalies for one year from date of birth.
• Registration, when applicable, will be mailed or texted at customers preference

• Please contact us if you have additional and/or specific questions:
It is best to email us at: purplecloverdoodles@gmail.com

You can also call us at 330-814-6183 (if we do not answer  please leave a message and we will promptly reply.

Our Purple Clover Kennel F2b Golden doodles, Spinone Italianos, and Spinonedoodles   represent the finest available of the breeds!

What to expect

Over the course of the first year, your Goldendoodles, Spinone Italiano, and Spinonedoodle puppies will need either vaccinations, a booster, or possibly no vaccinations depending on how old the puppy is when you transition him from our home to yours.

The first set of vaccinations and complete worming are given by a board-certified veterinarian.  If we keep your  puppy for over 12 weeks, the second set of shots will also be given for an additional fee of $95.00

The price of the puppy will be discounted if you chose to take the puppy to your own vet to have its first  shots administered.

Vaccinations are important and highly advised to protect your dog from diseases like rabies, distemper, parvo, hepatitis, and other diseases depending on the region of the country you live in.

After the first year, your dog will require booster immunizations.  Your vet will give you a vaccination schedule (normally at one year and then at three-year intervals).

Your Goldendoodles, Spinone Italiano, and Spinonedoodles will also need to be started on a program for heartworm prevention which generally, is a pill taken at about the same time each month.

Although heartworm is generally contracted by mosquito bites, it is recommended to keep your dog on this preventative program all year even if you live in the colder regions.

Proper Nutrition for Feeding your Puppy

Your Goldendoodle, Spinone Italiano, and Spinonedoole will grow to be a large dog but that doesn't mean your puppy requires more food than normal. So right now your puppy will need a balance of proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients that help to prevent bad hygiene, bone diseases, and also to boost the immune system.
Keep your Goldendoodle, Spinone Italiano, and Spinonedoodle at the appropriate weight which will help prevent debilitating joint and bone problems and ensure a long and active life.
It is best to consult with your own vet to ensure you are giving your puppy the appropriate amount of food at each stage of growth based on the dog's frame.
We start your puppy on Bil- Jac dry puppy food when the mother begins her own natural weaning behavior. We continually increase their food intake that by 8 weeks, the puppy's intake is one cup of dry food twice a day with water available at all times.  Bil-Jac has proven to us to be a very good and reliable source of puppy food.
It is important that you wash your puppy's bowls at least once a day with warm soapy water and rinse well.
Spinones, Spinonedoodles™, and Golden doodles are hunting breeds. As adults and puppies, their sense of smell are much stronger than many other breeds of dogs and of humans. What may smell staunch to a hunting breed, may not even be detectable by the human nose. Puppies and adult dogs will avoid drinking water from a dirty bowl or a bowl of long standing water. Be aware; you may think that your puppy is not thirsty because the bowl is always full when, in fact, the puppy is becoming dehydrated.
Often if the bowl is not being cleaned properly the puppy will tip the bowl and the water out of it in an attempt to salvage any clean water away from the bowl.  Rotating dishwasher cleaned bowls once a week is also a great way to ensure the bowls are safe for your dog to drink from.

How to Train a Puppy

Training your puppy is one of the joys of having a Golden doodle, Spinone or Spinonedoodle.  All are highly intelligent they are very easy to train and not surprising, the Spinonedoodle has become one of the most desired designer breeds in the canine sport world as they are able to understand and react to fairly complex instructions.

Puppy Grooming for Beginners

The F2b Goldendoodle, Spinone Italiano, and Spinonedoodle puppies require a very minimum of grooming care - occasional baths or trimming around the eyes and trimming of the nails, for example.

As you puppy gets into its first year, it will start to shed its puppy fur and a new coat will require the occasional bath and trim.

Matting is very little with Spinone Italianos and is also minimal with the doodles but will depend on how long you allow the hair to grow and if you intend to have the dog in the water as with hunting sports.

Generally, we have our dogs groomed professionally twice a year and the cost is generally $50-$60 for the cut depending on the groomer. With this we find that this is more than enough to maintain the dog's hair and prevent matting.

Although the Spinone is a traditional shedding dog breed, if you are looking for a low-shed to non-shedding canine, the Spinonedoodle and F2b golden doodles are an excellent choice.