About Us

Our Approach

The first and most important thing to know about us:

Our puppies and dogs are cared for personally, they are part of our family until they become part of yours. They are fed the finest food and live in excellent conditions.

We keep our puppies and dogs in the house and with people as much as possible to acclimate them to the group/ family environment.

Our Quality

We are pet lovers and pet owners too. Our puppies and dogs are part of our family and we care for them that way.

We have regular relationships with a food supplier, two different veterinarians, and follow procedure checklists. We keep up with the latest news, knowledge, and products concerning dogs and, in particular, our breeds.

The photos on this website are our own family's dogs or dogs that have come from our family. We have a long list of references from very happy families.

An important aspect to know about us as breeders is that we DO NOT hold our buyers to any weird restrictions or contracts. Once you pay for your puppy, it is yours to love as you wish.


We DO NOT try to co-own your dog. We Do NOT make you sign papers permitting us to invade your home at anytime, nor will we threaten to sue you if we find you are breeding YOUR dog. IF YOU BUY FROM  US WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL NOT BE HASSLED FOR RE BREEDING. 

We DO NOT make you sign contracts for how or what food to feed YOUR dog. We DO NOT make you sign contract of any kind other than the one stating you received your puppy; when applicable.

We Do NOT require you to call us a required amount of  days in a week in order to "not" lose your deposit.Although we will always try to be available to to answer questions and make the transition from our home to yours easier;  We DO NOT make you sign a contract that requires you to "Stay in Touch" with us.You will find, WE ARE  very nice people who love our dogs and want other people to be able to share in our love.  HASSLE FREEAs with all our dog breeds, if you buy a puppy from us, you will receive a beautiful healthy puppy with a health guarantee and parent information.    Our passion for our breeds is coupled with a tradition of breeding with attention to detail, hard work, and years of success.  We are the exact opposite of a "puppy mill".  We are completely immersed in the lives of our puppies and dogs.  When you get your puppy or dog from us it will be leaving one loving family for another.

Shannon White

Shannon has more than 25 years of experience in the breeding and training of puppies and dogs.  She has been involved with a number of breeds but has a special love for the doodles.  Shannon is quite adept at training dogs and has developed her own streamline approach to potty training that has had 100% success.

Shannon is the starting a new line of designer dogs and is looking forward to sharing her love of  the Spinonedoodle   in the near future.


Diver is an F1b Goldendoodle who, as his name states, loves to dive and swim.  He's a calm and sweet and gets along with everyone.  Did I mention he's a skillful swordsman?


Snorkles  (aka) Leonardo is the happiest poodle in town.  He loves to dance, swim, and take baths and will even smile when asked to.


Cesidio is a handsome and sweet Spinone Italiano.  He is the biggest cuddle buddy I know and he loves to dance and play catch.


Fendi is our very own Spinonedoodle. She has amazed us all with her intelligence and athletic abilities. Did we mention she's fluffy and adorable too.  She is the leader of the fun at our house.

Scuba Diva
Scuba is not just an amazing goldendoodle, she is the best girl ever. she's graceful and sweet and often a Diva but she is forever impressing us with her intelligence and stealth catching skills 


Ciara is a three year old Spinone Italiano. She is never without her stuffed buddies. She is a perfect mother and sweetheart to all.


 Agata is a three year old full blood Spinone Italiano.  She is a perfect and wonderful mother and a superb communicator.


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